I’m Aware That I’m Rare: Roham Zamanian, MD (316): COVID-19 & PH

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6 min readMar 11, 2020

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Roham Zamanian, MD from Stanford University Medical Center discusses Coronavirus (COVID-19) and gives Specific Advice for the Pulmonary Hypertension Community.

Stay up to date with the latest on Coronavirus Disease 2019 at the CDC website.

Roham Zamanian, MD

My name is Roham Zamanian. I’m the Medical Director of the Adult Pulmonary Hypertension Program at Stanford University Medical Center and I’m here talk to you a little bit about what’s going on with coronavirus and the specifics of what our pulmonary hypertension community and pulmonary hypertension patients should be thinking about.

I think the first place that we have to start with is the patients in the community should know that there’s a lot of concern out there and there’s a lot of stuff in the media and there’s a lot of stuff on social media. The first place that they should really refer to for information, in general, should be the CDC website and their own county healthcare system website. Those will be the most up to date on the CDC website, if they look up Coronavirus, CDC or COVID-19 CDC, they’ll be able to find very specific information, both for patients and physicians.

I think that the second thing that patients should realize is this is a viral infection and it is one that is moderately contagious and moderately impactful on their health. It seems to be one that is probably more dangerous for susceptible patients and therefore that’s why PH patients should be careful about it and also the elderly. There is a lot of panic out there to some extent, but I think patients and caregivers, everyone, all of us, the physicians, should start off with the point where taking responsibility for your own hygiene and hand washing is of utmost importance. Hand sanitizers are good, but they’re not necessary. The basic are good hand washing techniques. There’s plenty of videos online that they could look up that and just basically employ it as often as possible.

The second thing I’m…

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